A choir with a difference

Fusion is a contact ministry that helps local church communities open their doors to teenagers seeking their place in today’s society.

This is done with the assistance of music, rock - pop - gospel choir, dance, drama and other forms of art.
During the year Fusion organises several concerts in which students experience their “five minutes of fame”. This is where most of them, for the first time, display their newfound artistic abilities. Students are involved in everything: singing, conducting, acting, dancing, and playing musical instruments.

Fusion is a place where young people can learn to express themselves and to discover and develop their talents. It is also a place where they hear and see Christ in action in the lives of their leaders and other members of the local church. It offers room for growth and formation of new leaders.

Fusion is:
2 hours long rehearsal every week
workshops (music, technical, drama
festivals (Fusiondary or Fusion4Fusion)
summer camps

Besides Slovakia Fusion exists in other 8 countries: Czech republic, Slovenia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.
We launched Fusion in Slovakia in November 2011 and since then we have other groups who joined:
Banská Bystrica from 2011
Bratislava mesto from 2012
Bratislava Rača from 2015
Obišovce from 2015
Levice from 2018
Dolný Kubín from 2018


Fusion SK promo video 2014