About EXIT

The name of the project EXIT 316 reminds us of the exits found on highways – exits as opportunities to leave the “mainstream,” and also points to a Bible verse found in John 3:16 revealing God’s love. And that Love is the exit.

EXIT 316 is a unique project. Its main element is EXIT Tour. EXIT Tour connects local churches, fellowships, schools, city leaders, lecturers, a music band, and volunteers to help protect this young generation against unhealthy influences in their lives, and also to share the Gospel with young people wherever they are.

We offer to schools an educational prevention program. Through professional lectures we aim to help schools educate their students about the problems teenagers face every day. Our common goal for these students is to discover alternatives and find solutions to the hard life-situations in which they live. Our desire is to help them find eternal values in the faith of Jesus Christ. We prepare different activities every afternoon for all students, as well as an outreach concert at the end of the week, which is in cooperation with the city.

Another part of EXIT 316 besides this one-week project called EXIT Tour, is a long preparation and training program called EXIT Turbo. This project does not end with the last EXIT Tour concert, but continues with regular follow-up programs. For these we have created worksheets with the EXIT 316 TV Show for youth.

EXIT 316 is a project which opens doors and builds relationships between churches, schools, city leaders, and students. Furthermore, it is a project which inspires, helps and builds the church fellowship in its commission to go and share the Gospel, to care about people, and to lead others to spiritual maturity.