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What is included in the monthly budget/fee?
This cost covers rent, utilities, trash removal, WIFI, laundry, cleaning supplies and various materials needed in the program. In general, students are responsible for their own food.  However, monies have also been budgeted in this monthly amount for food which will be provided for community life special occasions and events. (this statement is found on the expectations document under finances)

Will there be „Lights Off“ rule?
Each room will need to determine their lights on policy together.  As far as noise disturbance and loud talking, it will be expected that in general we  will respect Slovak understanding of quieter after 10:00 p.m.

If I am from a different denomination – will I be encouraged to serve there?
Students will be encouraged to connect with whichever church denomination they feel they can most easily connect, grow and serve.  If a student does not have a connection to any local church already we will encourage and help them to find a place where they can best connect, grow and serve.  

How it will work during the week and on the weekends. Can I travel home if my school schedule allows me to do that? How flexible I will be with my school/UTH/my home local church assignments?
It is understood that many students often travel home on the weekends.  This is certainly encouraged and expected especially if the student is already connected, growing and  serving in a local church there.  If a student is not connected to a local church in their hometown where they can connect, grow and serve, then we will want to be sure that connection happens regularly especially if they are going home every weekend.  Otherwise, if they stay in Bratislava on most weekends we will be encouraging and helping them find a church where they can connect, grow and serve.

When will I learn that I am accepted for the program? (accommodation on the dorm issue)  
After a student has all of the application processes complete they should receive an answer as to their acceptance within 1-2 weeks if not sooner.  

How much time will the University Tree House program require from me per week?
There will be one bible study each week in the house (1-2 hours).  Most often these studies will not require advance preparation.  Once every two weeks there will also be a 1-2 hour mentor meeting.  Time invested per week will also vary depending on which church they attend (whether back home or in Bratislava) and the level of their involvement in their church.  Most of the university treehouse "experience" happens from simply being together in a life on life way in the home.  The amount of time spent in prayer and reading God's word will be up to each student.

If I am a leader in my local church, can I travel every week back home and serve in the church?
Yes, that would be very much encouraged and expected.  

Where can I learn more (personal) about the host of the program?
You can connect with the hosts (Mark and Amy Chase) of the program over Facebook or by sending an email directly to

In case I studied all UTH material, will I need to study it again?
If one has studied all of the material listed in the program it is possible that either you may not be a candidate for the program or if accepted into the program you would probably be expected to take a leadership role in the program (using these materials you already studied to lead others in the program) to help you grow to another level of maturity. 

How much freedom will I have during the program of UTH? (in the area of serving in my church, spending time with my classmates, my own family...)
Students are not prisoners of the University Treehouse.  The beauty of this ministry is in its organic life on life realities which take place in everyone's individual day to day rhythms, schedules and needs.  If, however, a student merely thinks of this as an opportunity to simply have a place to live and doesn't have desires to build relationships with the mentors and other students living with them, then perhaps this experience is not the best fit for them.  Each student will get as much out of this intentional growth experience as they put into it.  But there is not a "TEST" given or any sort of PASS/FAIL element.  It is intended to be more of a family experience and not a program.

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