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Nearly two-thirds of 18–29-year-olds (in the US) who grew up in church admit they have withdrawn from church involvement as an adult after having been active as a child or teen. Our desire is to help change this reality from happening by intentionally investing this fall into the lives of four from this age group through this new and unique way. 

Jesus' model of discipleship was to do life with his young disciples. He would send them out during the day to be salt and light in the weary world and then wherever Jesus happened to be dwelling that evening they would meet again to give a report on the day. They would pray, eat, laugh, cry, fellowship and sing together. This kind of life-on-life discipleship is easy to lose during the university years if one does not take intentional steps to find and maintain it. 

September 2021, for nine months we have pilot our first “University Treehouse” to help, train and inspire, this year, four university age young women to intentionally grow in their journey with Christ while living in the home of mature Christ followers, partnered with a local church, all with the goal of becoming deeply rooted fruitful disciple-makers.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to see a thriving house network in TCKompas university cities where students are living in caring community under the intentional discipleship of mature Christ-followers, partnered with local churches, and becoming deeply rooted fruitful disciplemakers.

Our mission is to equip university students to become disciple-makers while living in caring community under the intentional discipleship of mature Christ-followers.

Strategy & Values

The Experience

University Treehouse is more of an experience than a program.  Students will experience biweekly one on one mentoring and weekly group bible studies with the house mentors and the other students in the house, studying together a variety of TCKompas materials such as GRO 1-5, Foundations and CORE as well as other materials to help them discover their spiritual gifting and draw nearer to Father God.

Students will also be engaged in using their spiritual gifts in some capacity in either their local home church on weekends if travel permits them and/or in a local church ministry in their university city.

Students will also be encouraged to grow in the areas of developing healthy heart habits through daily bible reading and prayer, healthy physical habits through good nutrition and regular exercise and healthy relational skills through life-on-life interaction.

House Mentors | Bratislava

Mark & Amy Chase live in the Bratislava 2 borough of Podunajske Biskupice. They are from the state of Colorado in the USA and have been living in Slovakia and serving with TCKompas for more than 11 years. They have been married for 34 years and have four adult children and 5 grandchildren. Before moving to Slovakia they spent 22 years serving together in pastoral and worship ministries.

Since 2018, the Chase’s “nest” has been empty, but they haven’t felt that God wants them to have an empty nest. God called them to create the University Treehouse concept and open their home to begin intentionally mentoring university age students who desire to grow and mature into fruitful disciple-makers. It is also their dream to inspire other mature Christ followers to open their homes and mentor university age students in this unique way.


House Mentors | Žilina

Zac and Kim Shepperson have lived in Žilina for over twenty years. They have four children, two of which are currently studying in America and two still at home. They are originally from the State of Arkansas in the USA and have served in youth ministry for their whole lives. With one son in Žilina University and one in a local High School, there is a regular flow of students in their house most of the time.

The Sheppersons live in a family house just 5 minutes from the city center by bus, and far enough outside the city to be close to the nature. They also have a dog named Ares, who keeps things lively around the house. Their hope is to welcome college students into a functioning family environment, where they all do life together - cook, clean, eat, laugh, learn and grow. They will also do their best to purposefully encourage you in your life with Christ, in a way that is real and yet natural like a family.


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