Ivana & Jozi Pollák

Ivana & Jozi PollákGod was making Himself known to Ivana since her childhood through a Bible for children, Sunday school, and religion classes. However, it took her several years to start following Christ. While in high school, she started realizing clearly how much God did for her and what it cost Him, which created a desire in her heart to … Read More

Peter & Barbora Linkesch

Peter & Barbora LinkeschPeter gave his life to Christ at a youth camp when he was 10 years old. He has served in various ministries of his church since he was 15 years old – starting with the middle-school ministry (meetings for 10-15 year-olds), later at KECY camps and now he invests in the students at Reštart – a youth … Read More

Petra & Adrian Šulka

Petra & Adrian Šulka Petra was born in Bratislava. Ever since high school, when she was not even a Christian yet, she believed it is important to devote enough time to the young generation. She decided to follow Jesus at her first year of university where she studied Social Education&Counseling. During this time, she started serving in Bratislava City Church. … Read More

Simona Sabová

Simona SabováSimona learnt about God through piano teacher who at that time served as a youth leader in the local church. After three years of constant reminder that Jesus loves her and died for her she finally said yes to this amazing grace. Ever since then she has been amazed by God’s goodness. She has a heart for the lost, … Read More

Timotej & Lucia Máhrik

Timotej and Lucia MáhrikTimo and Lucia grew up in the same church – CB Žilina, Slovakia. Both their parents were strongly involved in the church, Timo’s dad was a leading pastor and Lucia’s dad was one of the elders. Timo and Lucia got baptized when they were 14. He was serving in his local church since age of 12 in … Read More