Alex King

Alex KingAlex first served with TCKompas in 2013 after being asked to join an English camp team in Slovakia. That trip exposed him to all that God was doing there and showed him the heart behind God’s call to reach all nations. Over the next six years, as he went on more short-term trips and completed two TCK internships, his … Read More

Marián & Michaela Cabadaj

Marián has decided to follow Jesus when he was 13 years old. He met his wife Michaela, a daughter of missionaries, in the local CB church. They got baptized at the age of 14 and 16 and joined the youth ministry in their church which led into an outreach ministry called “ESCAPE club”. They actively organized regular gatherings, summer and … Read More

Viktor & Miriam Valentini

Viktor & Miriam ValentiniViktor was born in a Christian home where serving in the church was as normal as any other part of life. Early on he saw his father serving not just as a pastor but also as someone who had a passion for serving young people. Naturally this led him to start serving on youth camps himself. After … Read More

Zac & Kim Shepperson

Zac & Kim SheppersonZac and Kim Shepperson first experienced Slovakia with their youth group in the summer of 1999 while on a short-term mission trip to the capital city of Bratislava.  Their heart has always been for young people, and so it wasn’t too surprising when God called them into the movement He began in Eastern Europe through Josiah Venture. … Read More

Denisa a Daniel Harčar

Daniel & Denisa HarčarDaniel accepted Christ as his Savior when he was 16. After a year he started to serve in his local church, the Lutheran Church Prešov as a member of the youth group team. Then later he said yes to God’s calling to become a leader of both the high school youth group and the outreach ministry KECY … Read More

Zuzana Božíková

Zuzana BožíkováZuzka decided to follow Jesus when she was 10 at a camp organized by Child Evangelism Fellowship. Since then her life changed and she knew that it would be one big adventure. During her management studies, she started working in business and continued in marketing and customer success for a few years. In the meantime she served in her … Read More

Barbora Benešová

Barbora BenešováBarbora decided to follow and give her life to Jesus at a church youth camp at the age of 13. Since then, she has served in the youth group and at the KECY (English) camps. In 2018 she moved to Levice where she served with teenagers in a project called Fusion. Barbora’s first contact with TCKompas ministry was through … Read More

Michal & Katarína Pončák

Michal & Katarína PončákKatarina and Michal got to know each other at a JV English summer camp in 2013, where both of them served together. Their stories are quite similar. They are both a “fruit” of JV outreach projects.Katarina’s life changed at the age of 16 when she participated in one of the TCK summer camps, after which she started … Read More

Miloš & Andrea Myjavec

Miloš MyjavecMiloš began to take God seriously when he was 13 years old. He decided to get baptized as a symbol of surrendering the control over his life to Jesus. As a result, he did not hesitate to invest his energy into the ministry in the local church as a direct expression of his faith. He joined the team that … Read More

Daniel & Maruška Skonc

Daniel & Maruška SkoncMaruška and Daniel have been involved in youth ministry and both have over 10 years experience leading youth groups, organizing camps, and working as volunteers in the church. Maruška studied literature and art and Daniel land-surveying, but they have both been called to full-time ministry. In 2008, Maruška became a full-time staff member, she got married to … Read More