Adrian & Petra Šulka


Adrian & Petra Šulka

Adrian and Petra both come from non-believing families and gave their lives to God, independently of each other, in their teenage years (15 and 20 years).

Petra started working with JosiahVenture Slovakia in 2017 through the project EXIT TOUR, where she was involved as a lecturer in the preventive program about bullying. She was excited not only by working with students at schools, but also by serving churches and youth groups. In 2019, after completing her university studies, she was approached to serve full-time in the project EXIT TOU. Her role is the overall coordination of the EXIT TOUR project (communication with schools, churches, lecturers) and, last but not least, the teaching of the preventive lectures themselves, as this is her biggest passion.

She and her husband Adrian got married in 2020 and moved to the town Nitra, Slovakia, where they are part of the Church called Equippers. They serve as a leaders of youth group called UNLOCK. Adrian's passion is outreach and he joined the JosiahVenture Slovakia in October 2022 as he is also involved in the Exit tour project. He also gives preventive lectures for high school students, focusing on financial literacy and social medias.

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