How to apply

You can apply to School of leaders if:

- you work with youth,
- you are older than 18 years old,
- you want to grow in your relationship with God and in your leadership skills.

How can you apply?

Please send us to our TCK address or email to filled up application, deadline is the end of May (for first round) and the end of July (for second round).

General expectations of students


History of Israel Nation
Biblical Studies
Christ’s Strategy for Ministry
Character of a Youth Worker
Practical Skills in Youth Ministry
Walking with God
Systematic Theology - Bibliology, Paterology, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology

Schedule 2020/21

ŠPM 1st meeting:  
18. - 20. September 2020
ŠPM 2nd meeting:
15. - 18. October 2020 (Work trip)
ŠPM 3rd meeting:
4. - 6. December 2020
ŠPM 4th meeting:
15. - 17. January 2021
Training weekend for the teams:
5. - 6. February 2021
ŠPM 6th meeting:
5. - 7. March 2021
National youth worker convention:
25. - 28. March 2021
ŠPM 7th meeting:
30. April - 2. May 2021
10. - 13. June 2019

Students said about ŠPM:

„God has taught me a lot through ŠPM, but probably the biggest lesson has been that working with youth doesn’t need to be draining if we only keep our eyes on Him. When He is the one we are looking at, we find out that the ministry isn’t about us or about our abilities, but about the one who called us.“
Zuzka, ECAV Petržalka (Class 2015/2016

„ŠPM helped me to understand Christ’s strategy in the ministry and it encouraged me to start new ministry in our church. ŠPM was and still is worth investing into.“
Timotej, CB Stará Turá (Class 2015/2016)

„It has been a very precious year in many areas, but probably the biggest impact on me were the relationships I formed with both my classmates and mentors. We were an encouragement and inspiration to each other in our local ministries.“
Simona, KZ Trenčín (Class 2015/2016)


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How to support us?

If you would like to partner with us, we would ask that you prayerfully consider giving to one of our workers or projects. Thank you.

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