About ŠPM

For the past 20 years our main goal has been one thing - to create projects and programs that equip next generation of Christ followers in the church.

School of leaders seeks to provide a year - long informal education for Slovak youth leaders where they can study 7 subjects - Character of a Youth Worker, Systematic Theology, History of Israel Nation, Biblical Studies, Christ’s Strategy for Ministry, Practical Skills in Youth Ministry and Walking with God. Each student also has a mentor (member of TCK) that guides him/her throughout the whole year and encourages him/her in his/hers local ministry. Students also have the opportunity to learn from three ,,special” weekends - working trip during the fall, training weekend for their whole team in the winter and volunteering experience at Youth worker convention during the spring.

This year we have been blessed with 21 students and we believe that God will use them in building His kingdom in Slovakia even more now than before.

,,I believe School of leaders to be a trusted tool for active young people in deepening not only their personal spiritual growth but also gaining knowledge and skills that are much needed for their local church ministry. The opportunity to participate in other TCK projects, include student’s whole team in the experience and to help in advancing God’s kingdom in the local church is an extra bonus. I can not recommend enough!’’
Benjamin Uhrin, Baptist church youth leader

This year’s mentors and lecturers are:
Mark Abrman
Barbora Benešová
Denisa Harčarová
Timotej Hollý
Dana Okoličányová
Draho Poloha
Michal Pončák
Simona Sabová
Zac Shepperson
Daniel Skonc

Systematic theology is mostly taught by guest lecturers - pastors and theologians from various denominations. We are grateful for their time and investment in School of leaders.