Research on Religiousness of the Youth

Touching the Hearts of Czech and Slovak Youth

During the Spring 2011 the Training Center Kompas (TCK) with its partner organization Christian Youth Academy (KAM), Josiah Venture NFPO and Maclellan FF have realized the research of religiousness among the high school students of the Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The research attended 8290 respondents directly in 179 high school classes. The target group was high school students of the second and third grade in 10 cities of the Slovakia.

The research was realized by secular company which is doing things such as realization and evaluation of the outcome professionally.

The research is focused to the five basic needs, their importance and way of their fulfillment among students. The needs we were concentrating to were:

- Happiness
- Freedom
- Feeling of acceptance and love
- Freedom from guilt
- Meaning of life