Pod kapotou

Kniha Pod kapotou je 52-týždňový študijný materiál pre chlapčenské skupinky.


Vo vitrínke

Kniha Vo vitrínke je 52-týždňový študijný materiál pre dievčenské skupinky.


The Credo material is ideal for one on one or small group discipleship settings. It is aimed at believers who are in the beginning stages of their walk with Christ and desire to follow Him.


A four-week Bible study of the Gospel for those who have questions. It is a very useful and simple tool for sharing the Gospel with your non-believer friend.


The first online materials for youth workers in Slovakia. It offers inspiration, Bible study ideas, games, interviews, youth ministry articles, and more. It is only available in Slovak.

Davka online


“Elements“ is a new and unique ten-week study that takes a new believer straight to the source, and helps a mature believer renew the patterns that keep them fresh and growing.

Elements online


What is the nature of the emerging generation in Slovakia?

In 2013 we surveyed young people between 14 – 16 years old and question we asked was: What is the nature of emerging generation in Slovakia. Continue...

Research on Religiousness of the Youth

During the Spring 2011 the Training Center Kompas (TCK) with its partner organization Christian Youth Academy (KAM), Josiah Venture NFPO and Maclellan FF have realized the research of religiousness among the high school students of the Slovakia and Czech Republic. Continue...


Upozornenie o ochrane osobných údajov

Spracovanie osobných údajov je riadené Všeobecným nariadením o ochrane osobných údajov (GDPR) Continue...


Why do students most often leave your youth group?

- Results

Zúčastníš sa referenda o rodine?

- Results

How many people have you personally led to Christ in the past 5 years?

- Results

What would you say is the most common struggle of today’s teens?

- Results