EXIT 316

Evangelistic & preventive project for schools

EXIT 316 is a unique project. It connects local churches, fellowships, schools, city leaders, lecturers, a music band, and volunteers, who work together to help protect this young generation against unhealthy influences in their lives, and also to share the Gospel with young people wherever they are.


Music - drama - media project for youth

FUSION is an evangelistic tool that helps local churches reach out to unchurched teenagers through a network of youth rock-pop-gospel choirs and performing-arts groups, which are based-in and run-by local churches.


Conversation english camp for youth

KECY is an outreach ministry. It is not only an international conversation camp, but also a year-round ministry for local churches. It is a platform for training youth groups how to do relevant evangelism, discipleship, leading of small groups, and mentoring.


National youth worker convention

KPM, the annual youth leader’s conference in Slovakia, has 20 years of history. Our vision is to inspire and help youth leaders, small group leaders, and youth pastors in all evangelical churches throughout the country.


School of leaders

ŠPM is an educational project. Its purpose is to teach students during a school year in areas of Systematic Theology, Christ’s Strategy for Ministry, How to Study and Teach the Bible, Practical Skills in Youth Ministry, Worship, and Character of a Youth Worker.


Inspirational project for local churches

Advance is an initiative of TCKompas whose goal is to help and inspire local churches toward health and multiplication. We deeply believe in the value of the local church to reach people for Christ. We also know that local church youth ministries are nurtured best within a healthy local church.