Timotej Máhrik

Timo and Lucia grew up in the same church – CB Žilina, Slovakia. Both their parents were strongly involved in the church, Timo’s dad was a leading pastor and Lucia’s dad was one of the elders. Timo and Lucia got baptized when they were 14. He was serving in his local church since age of 12 in a worship band. When he was 16 he joined the youth ministry (teenagers: 12-15y.). Couple years later he become a leader of the team and she has joined the team. They both have been involved in outreach ministry ESCAPEclub and KECY and EXIT tour in their local church. They have passed the leadership role to the next generation of leaders after 8 years of ministry. Then they have both joined the church plant team which has started second CB Church in Žilina. Both of them have a strong passion for local church, youth and for outreach ministry among non-believers. They lead a small group and in fall of 2018 they are starting a new missional community.

The couple was married in the fall of 2011. She is high school teacher. After 6 years of working in IT sector he is joining TCK as Operations – Executive director. They currently live and serve in ZaKostolom church (CB churchplant) in Žilina.

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