Peter Linkesch

Peter gave his life to Christ at a youth camp when he was 10 years old. He has served in various ministries of his church since he was 15 years old - starting with the middle-school ministry (meetings for 10-15 year-olds), later at KECY camps and now he invests in the students at Reštart - a youth group in Košice. When he was 19, he suffered a severe stroke. Because God saved his life, Peter desires to share his story and to bring encouragement and hope to others.

His first contact with TCKompas was attending the KPM conference, then helping with the KECY camp in his local church. He also grew closer to the vision and mission of TCK during his year in the School of Leaders. Peter’s heart beats for Christ, He wants to serve the Lord and to help people around him find the Truth. In 2019, he got the opportunity to join TCK and to be a part of the TCK C-team. His role is photography, video and graphics.

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