Miriam Šimočková

As a pastor’s kid, Miriam was 14-years old when she personally accepted Christ and made the conscious decision to follow Him at the annual camp of middle-school ministry in 2007. Since then, Miriam has been helping with ministry in her local church in the city of Košice. There she came into contact with the ministry of TC Kompas through attending KPM (the annual conference for youth workers) and organizing English camps for many years, but mostly through the personal relationships with its missionaries that challenged and encouraged her faith and character. Miriam was invited to be a JV summer intern in 2011 and then an intern co-leader in 2012. She attended the School of Leaders and later became an intern for the same project. In 2016, during her last year at university, she was asked by TC Kompas to join the organisation full-time. She currently helps with the School of Leaders, teaching a class and mentoring girls from different parts of Slovakia. Miriam is passionate about teaching and equipping young leaders, seeing not only where they are but where they could be. She invests in young girls in her small group where she trains and inspires them to go and make disciples. After getting married in June 2016, Juraj and Miriam now live in Košice where they lead the high-school ministry in the local Lutheran church.

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  • Place: Prešov
  • Church: Lutheran church