Lenka a Jany Šimočko

Jany accepted Christ in 2001, after attending a youth camp at the age of 16. At that camp, God began to stir his heart to work with youth. Two years later, Jany joined his youth group’s leadership team to help organize their first English camp in Prešov, Slovakia. In 2006, after being discipled by an American missionary and his church elder, Jany took the leadership role for the churches evangelistic English camps. For the next four years, he poured his heart and soul into caring for his team in order to reach students for Christ before passing the baton to his disciple.

Lenka came from a traditional Christian family. A friend from school took her to our youth group and camps, and invited her to join a small group. It was during this time, she slowly, in a few years, accepted Christ personally. Soon following, she helped and became part of the leadership team for the junior high ministry.

In 2010, Jany joined TCKompas (Josiah Venture’s partner organization in Slovakia) and serves as the KECY English Camps Slovak director, one of their school of leader’s lecturers, and responsible for organizing their annual youth leader’s conference volunteer team. Lenka joined TCKompas in Sept. 2014, and serves as the assistant to the director of EXIT Tour, and is also involved in other projects. They were married in Oct. 2014, and together are actively involved in the Žilina Lutheran youth group discipling teenagers and leading small groups.

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