Katarína a Michal Pončák

Katarína and Michal met for the first time while serving at an English camp through their local church. Their life stories are quite similar, as they both are “fruits” of several projects led by TCKompas.

For Katarína, her journey with Christ started when she went to her first English camp at 16 years old, while Michal started following Jesus at the age of 20, after he became friends with members of the local Lutheran church. They both independently joined small groups in their church and through different TCK projects they began to understand and become passionate about God’s mission to make disciples. The Lord changed their life plans radically, and they felt led to become part of their local youth group and of the English camp leadership team in their city, to start leading their own small groups, and to attend the School of Leaders, where Michal fell in love with Katarína. In September 2016 they got married and became full-time TCKompas staff. Katarína now serves as a Program director for the Conference for Youth Leaders, and Michal is involved in the School of Leaders, Conference for Youth Leaders, and also in English (KECY) camps. 

Michal went to school for biochemistry. He likes people, mountains, quantum physics, and good bacon. Katarína studied psychology and loves books, the beauty of creation, and drinking coffee outside with a nice view. Together they have a heart for modeling a picture of God-centered marriage, for their Lutheran church in Prešov, and for disciple - making. They are passionate about reaching the lost youth in Slovakia by showing them the Hope that once changed their own lives forever.

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