Eva Kohútová

Eva lives in the small town of Levice, Slovakia. In 2007 she was one of the students in the School of Youth Leaders. The School of Youth Leaders is a training program for young leaders put on by Training Center Kompas, Josiah Venture’s partner organization in Slovakia. It was here that Eva heard about discipleship for the first time. This school changed her view of ministry. From that time on, her passion has been to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples… During her last year at university (majoring in marketing, mass media and advertising), she was asked by TCKompas to join the organization full-time. She has worked for TCKompas since January 2011. Currently she helps with TCKompas’ School of Youth Leaders. She is also involved in the annual Youth Leaders’ Conference. After working for almost two years in the TCKompas office, in November 2012 she changed her role to be more involved in a local church ministry. She is responsible for the high school ministry in the Brethren church in Levice, she leads a small group, disciples girls, and works with nonbelievers in a Levice youth center. She leads worship in the youth group and the church gospel choir. Eva’s desire is that God would use her life to show the true picture of Him to the young generation in her country.

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