About KPM

KPM – This annual youth leaders’ conference in Slovakia has 20 years of history. Our vision is to inspire and help youth leaders, small group leaders and youth pastors in all evangelical churches throughout the country.

KPM 2017

25 years ago.
Persil ad ran on TV, Metallica wrote their song Nothing Else Matters,
one person from our team got stuck in a chasm, our director Peter Hrubo got married, Evka got her first Barbie, Darinka fell in love for the first time, Michal learnt to how to walk and most of our interns were just a sparkle in the eyes of their parents.

And right at that time in 1992, in the log cabins of High Tatras there was held the first Conference of Youth Workers. And in March 2017, we decided to celebrate this fact with steps instead of fireworks and confetti. And not with whatever steps and wherever, but with steps of boldness and obedience. We were taught about them by very precious and diverse speakers - Hanesovci who are great teachers of the Word, Janči Máhrik who lives really boldly, Benjamin Francis from India whose story of obedience is quite incomprehensible. With other 4 speakers we looked at how it is possible to live exactly as Jesus lived and on Saturday we spent time with Holy Spirit asking to show us what is exactly that what He wants from us.

We commemorated/ remembered KPM story and on Sunday, together with Michelle we lifted up our eyes and looked at the fact that to love Christ is most what we can do. Expect of this, we celebrated 25 years with 25 seminars and tried out boldness right at the place. For example people who attended Worship seminar didn’t even guess that next morning right they will lead worship on KPM. Almost 600 young leaders came back home, we believe, with sincere desire to live in bold obedience. And we believe that these steps will be gradually changing our country. And this is how we glorify Father.

Here are few bold and obedient steps:

- start a small group for boys
- forgive my siblings
- do mission camp
- go back to wounds from my childhood
- to tell people in my school what I believe
- get engaged
- quality time with Jesus - bible study four times a week
- to get baptized
- to give her up

Dates to remember:

KPM couples: 3. - 4. jún 2017
KPM extra (muži, dievčatá): 1. - 2. september 2017
KPM klasik: 19. - 22. apríl 2018