EXIT Turbo

EXIT Turbo is an inseparable element of the whole EXIT Tour. It is a training program which serves to train, inspire and help youth leaders from local churches to become competent and ready to lead small groups/clubs, and to be instruments for building relationships with unbelievers. We believe this is a way to help young people find answers and to point their attention to Christ.

Part of EXIT Turbo also includes materials based on the EXIT 316 TV series, which we have prepared to serve as a starting point for small-group meetings. These small groups offer an attractive alternative for their free-time activities. Discussions are based on the episodes’ topics because they reflect everyday issues young people must face and deal with.

In cooperation with Josiah Venture and the Slovak Bible Society we published Slovak/English EXIT 316 Bibles with the newest Slovak ecumenical Bible translation that is approved by all denominations. It is an amazing thing, that we have issued 3500 Bibles to be used for evangelism in Slovakia.