ŠPM 2.0 - “Walk like Him”

28. May | Denisa | Events | ŠPM

During this school year, our TCKompas team visited Banská Bystrica teams and Nové Mesto nad Váhom team 6 times total. Last weekend, we had the last – seventh – meeting in Žilina, where both teams came at the same time.

And today, a few days after that, we’re rejoicing over the blessing that our time together has brought: fellowship with brothers and sisters, serving to the same King. Our prayer is that this is more than just a pleasant weekend inspiration. We serve side-by-side, building the same Kingdom, even though kilometres apart.
What did we do during the weekend? Worshipped, and studies the God’s Word. We looked back at the past school year with thankfulness for everything where we saw God doing something. In the midst of exam season, we paused and let the Spirit search our hearts. We also looked forward: “How can we follow Christ more faithfully and serve Him more effectively?”
It was very precious to observe people, who hadn´t known each other before, talk to each other, asking questions like “How do you handle this at your youth group?”, sharing experience and ideas, learning from each other. We also visited Žilina Lutheran Church youth ministry team, and they shared their ministry experience with us – truly inspiring!
Our TCKompas team was very encouraged by the progress and changes we could have seen throughout the year in the lives of our students, their ministry teams, and their youth groups.
School year in our School of Youth Leaders is over for now, however it doesn’t mean break neither for us, nor for our students. The lost are still here and we want to bring them the good news of Jesus Christ.

“The one who says he remains in Him should walk just as He walked.” 1. John 2,6