ŠPM 2.0 - The fireplace, rooms in our heart, and a suprise in a flower pot

26. Jan | Denisa | Events | ŠPM

Another School of Youth Leaders’ in Banská Bystrica: the fireplace, rooms in our heart, and a suprise in a flower pot

The weekend 16th-18th January was spent in Banská Bystrica, serving to two youth ministry team in a Lutheran church. This time, the core of the Kompas team (Denisa, Daniel, and Miriam) was joined by Eva and Zuzana. On Friday, we started our tour at the junior high school group meeting where they talked about emotions, then we visited a very short young adults meeting, worshiping and sharing what we learned from Hebrews 2. After that we joined other believers at the World Alliance Prayer Week. But even that wasn’t the end of the day: we spent some time with the teams thinking and discussing about vision of their ministry and what steps they’ve taken or need to take to get there.

In our teaching on Saturday, we didn’t focus on any method nor techniques in youth work. The spotlight was on hearts this time because those involved in youth ministry need to grow into maturity in Christ. Denisa in her intro talked about necessity to be firmly rooted in Christ and give Him all our heart if we want to bear fruit. We compared our heart to a house with different rooms of which all of them need to be changed by Jesus. Library was about getting rid of an old man with all his habits and old ways of life. Playroom symbolized the influence of our friends and how attractive the world is to us. In dining room we talked about what our food is and whether it’s really God’s Word and “doing God’ will” according to Jesus’ example. Workshop room brought us into the topic of using our talents for His Kingdom. And closet was about giving to Jesus all the hidden chambers we have in our lives: there cannot be anything that is not subjected to His Lordship. In the evening, Draho Poloha joined our group and led our worship time.

We are glad that during sharing time we could hear about what God was doing in the lives of these young people, and what truths He was speaking to their hearts during our teaching. For all of us to remember it well, we planted some seeds into flower pots. In their right time, these plants will grow as a reminder for us to be firmly rooted in Christ and abide in Him and keep bearing fruit for His glory.

It was such a joy for us not only teach but also to get to know the teams during activities, icebreakers, or just standing around the fireplace when our hands got too cold. We are happy to be a part of building God’s Kingdom in Banská Bystrica, and we are already looking forward to March and another weekend spent together.