ŠPM 2.0 - New year, new friends, New City

12. Nov | PMx | Events | ŠPM

One October weekend, the crew from the East (and one fifth from Žilina) headed to Nové Mesto nad Váhom for business trip. It was not a business trip as you probably imagined. It was the first visit of Nové Mesto within the project School for Leaders.

We were very excited to meet the youth group and to learn about how Jesus loved people and took care of them. We had had no idea how fast we would chum up. After overcoming the language barrier, it indeed felt like home.

After the Friday evening full of getting-to-know-each-other activities, on Saturday morning we were ready to get deep into God’s Word. Peťo M. introduced the strategy of Christ and the process of growing disciple. Denisa led the study of the challenges Jesus gave people He met. After the delicous lunch we looked into how different God created us, how we can live together and help each other out. Different temperaments were displayed during the activity we had in town and it was really interesting to observe how the members of youth group functioned together. We also participated in the youth group meeting and we again felt very welcomed. After the Sunday service, we got on the train and traveled home. We are already looking forward to the next weekend we will have in Nové Mesto.