Simple prayer of Fusion student

This Saturday we had our main concert for Fusion Banska Bystrica.
29. May | Draho | Articles | Stories | FUSION

We had the opportunity to perform on one of the stages at the Family Day in Banska Bystrica.  This is a big opportunity for us as it is in public and many people are exposed to it.  We were training for many weeks and even planned which student was responsible for each piece of equipment that we needed to set up.  The weather that day was not great, but still it was a great experience.

Fusion BB The students sung and played well.  We had many parents and even full families of the students who attended and even brought snacks for after the concert.  As we were performing a number of us looked out and noticed 3 students who were once in our Fusion, among the crowd.  It was great to see that even though they do not come to Fusion anymore it has still impacted them in such a way that they would want to come and cheer us on.

One of the really amazing parts of the day was one little prayer by our student.  She has been attending our Fusion for a long time, she plays on bass and drums, she brings fun and energy to our group.  The only thing about her is that we have never seen any movement spiritually in her life. Sometimes it even seems that she is not affected by anything spiritual.  This changed Saturday.  You see before any concert we always meet together in a circle and pray.  We hold hands and pray around the circle, if you do not want to pray you just squeeze the hand of the next person.  It is common during this time that every students just passes the prayer on, it is usually only the leaders who pray. This time there was a change.  She prayed!  It was simple, asking God to help us and also asking that He stop the rain.  Simple, but powerful!  This is most likely the highlight of the year so far, to see this change.  Wouldn’t you know, God listened to her.  The rain stopped during our concert and begun again after the concert.  It was an amazing opportunity to point God out to her and how He cares for us even to answer simple things like this.  God is amazing and is changing lives one at a time in His timing, Praise HIM!