New Fusion in Bratislava

11. Mar | Draho | News | Events | FUSION

We praise God and are excited to announce the launch of a new Fusion in Slovakia! Fusion Raca has officially started and is the fourth Fusion in this country, partnering with the local Brethren church in Raca, a region of Bratislava.

After more than three months of prayer, preparations and trainings, Fusion Raca began on Wednesday, March 11th. The morning began in the cultural house of Rača and together with the Fusion leadership teams of Raca, Bratislava, and TCK Fusion Slovakia, the sound, lights, stage, and band were set up. As voices were warmed up and there was a brief sound check, everything were ready to welcome close to 200 students from two different middle schools in the area.

The first half of the concert seemed a bit hectic as students were not listening and were freely talking to one another. After a while, though, the atmosphere began to engage them as we got them participating through dance and singing. After an hour of a great program prepared by Fusion Bratislava(Viera Baptist Church), students were verbally invited and given invitations to Fusion Raca’s first rehearsal that was happening that same evening.

We prayed that the bad weather would not keep new students from attending and praise God, five students came. The first rehearsal was a continuation from an already exhausting day, but the Fusion Raca team did a great job hosting and leading the evening. They provided a welcoming atmosphere with a “get to know you” game, two songs were taught in three voice parts, a good devotion was shared, and they had food prepared for afterwards.
Please continue to pray with us for Fusion Rača, as we believe this is just the beginning of an exciting adventure God has prepared for them. Pray that God would bring many students to their rehearsals that will be happening every Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 pm.

To God be the glory!
Fusion Slovakia Team