Men on Target, Girls More Precious than Jewels and What is in Our Blood

29. Sep | Daniel Skonc | News | Articles | KPM

The Conference for Youth Leaders (KPM) is one of the Training Center Kompas projects, and its mission is to train, help and inspire youth leaders all over Slovakia. This year KPM has experienced a blossoming. For the first time in its 24 year history there was not only one conference, but three. Altogether the conferences reached more than 1000 attendants and our vision is still more daring.

The first of the conferences took place in Žilina in April. Since KPM is focused mostly on youth workers, we felt the need to divide those servants from the other KPM attendants (mostly students and youth groups) so that the message of KPM could be aimed more precisely for the needs of those leaders. However, in order to continue to foster the growth and community experience of the other KPM attendants, we designed another two conferences for them a few months later. Thus KPM Classic and KPM Extra men’s and women’s conferences were born.

The topic of this year’s KPM classic carried the title “It’s in Your Blood”. We talked about two different types of blood that we carry - the blood of our earthly fathers, but more importantly, because of Jesus, we have the blood of our Heavenly Father as well. During the first part of the conference we taught about identity, love, pleasure and place - the four characteristics of fatherhood which our Heavenly Father wants to fulfill perfectly. These areas are based on the verses in Matthew 17: “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him”  We also talked about the kinds of issues that arise when instead of receiving fulfillment in these four areas we find something lacking in what our earthly fathers give us. In the second part of the conference we heard from 6 different speakers during the main sessions who helped us understand how we can share the Father’s shepard-like heart for those for whom we are caring. We learned about being a shepherd in our own family, giving hospitality to our neighbors, about the power of intercessory prayer and how to care for those walking in pain and darkness.

The two subsequent conferences for men and women, KPM Extra, took place in September and spanned an intense 24 hours. The conference for men was held in Liptovský Mikuláš, and it was geared towards 15 to 23 year old men. Its title was “On Target”, and the topic was connected with Acts chapter 2: “Brothers, what shall we do?”. The conference focused on the right aim in life: proactivity instead of passivity and purposefully following Jesus Christ. Manliness abounded with a bonfire, kebabs and an archery tournament, and it was certainly a place where ‘boys could be boys’. The conference for girls, “Beyond Jewels”, took place in Prešov with a target group of girls ages 13 to 23. Together the ladies took a look at three important areas of their lives: firstly at themselves and their value in their Creator, then at Jesus who is worth giving their lives to and finally at the people around them to whom they can witness. There were warm surprises ready for the girls like a picnic in the garden, a coffee house and watching the sunrise together, all of which made “Beyond Jewels”  a unique experience. Altogether there were more than 400 attendees at KPM extra, and we are sure that this is not the end but merely the beginning.

We believe that KPM is not only a conference, but is actually a Christ - centered movement which is changing the country. And our dreams for next year are even bigger because we are planning four conferences! The topics, target groups and locations are still uncertain, but our need for your prayers for this country is as clear as ever. We would be honored if you would join us in this movement with your prayers for KPM 2017!