Summer is nearly upon us.
04. May | Denisa | News | Articles | KECY

Summer is nearly upon us. You wouldn’t know it for the cold, snowy days we’ve had recently, but on the calendar it lingers just ahead, beckoning us warmly to pack away our coats and scarves and start dreaming about the end of school, sunny days, family trips, and KECY camps.

We recently hosted our yearly KECY training weekend in Zilina with 83 camp leaders from 11 different churches across Slovakia of all different denominations. We did, indeed, have snow during the weekend, but it didn’t ruin the mood. Everyone was excited to be there connecting with old friends, making new friends, and sharing the vision of KECY and their excitement for the summer to come.

KECY stands for (K)Conversational English Camp for Youth, and these camps are designed to share the gospel with students in a safe and fun environment and connect them with local churches and youth groups. This summer we will have 9 KECY camps in the month of July each organized by different churches with the help of TCKompas. The training weekend is a time when we as Kompas staff can share new ideas, remind teams of the mission of Christ and the purpose of KECY, encourage each other in faith and service, and prepare the teams for their camps and follow ups in the fall.

We focused on topics this year like the iGeneration, team unity, Christ’s strategy for mission, the history of KECY camps and why we do them, how to use social media to promote camps, and how to have a missional mindset. On Saturday night we also sent each team into the city with a set of questions to go through together. Teams were able to sit over coffee or cake and talk through how to better incorporate KECY into their churches, how to make students feel more involved after camp, and to strategize for the future.

Everyone, including the Kompas staff, left the weekend full of excitement and inspiration for the summer. We are thankful to have had this time together with all of the teams for planning and preparation. Our hearts are ready, and soon July will be here and students will be arriving!

Photo galery of KECY TVT you can find on our facebook page.