It is in my blood! It is in your blood!

12. Apr | Daniel Skonc

On April 10th, our Conference for Youth Leaders (KPM) began with that theme.

We chose this name for many reasons. In our veins we have two different kinds of blood. We have the blood of our earthly fathers, but more importantly, because of Jesus, we have the blood of our Heavenly Father as well. During the first part of the conference we taught about identity, love, pleasure, and place - the four characteristics of fatherhood which our Heavenly Father wants to fulfill perfectly. The areas are based on the verses in Matthew 17: „This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him“  We also talked about the kinds of issues that arise when instead of receiving fulfillment in these four areas, we find something lacking in what our earthly fathers give us. On Friday, we went through the different heart issues that can surface from the wounds, unforgiveness, and lies of our earthly fathers and some of those who are closest to us. We dedicated 8 different seminars to this topic.

During the second part of the conference we heard from 6 different speakers in the main sessions who helped us understand how we can share the Father’s shepard-like heart for those for whom we are caring. After all, it is in our blood. The Saturday seminars were designed so that we could cover a wide variety of the kinds of sheep for whom we care. We learned about being a shepherd in our own family, giving hospitality to our neighbors, about the power of intercessory prayer, and how to care for those walking in pain and darkness.

This year 670 people attended KPM, and for each of these people we created a special opportunity relating to the four aspects of fatherhood - identity, love, pleasure, and place. On Friday morning we gave participants the option to donate their blood - from which they receive their identity from the Father - to those in need. More than 50 people were able to give, and many others were turned away as the transfusion stations were full to capacity. Overall 7560 ml of blood were donated which can bless the lives of 54 people.

We were able to show love by collecting 243 pairs of socks to give to the charity at St. Vincent de Paul. They will be able to provide the homeless and those in need with these fresh socks which is espeically important during colder months. 

The KPM chapel was designed with the aim of drawing near to Father´s pleasure in us through a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere in which participants could read, meditate, pray, and praise the Father.

Finally, Father´s gift of place and responsibility for our lives was represented in the 371 packages of different seeds which particpants brought that we were able to donate to the non-profit group, Mission of Youth, which helps provide for incomplete and broken families.

A few hours after conference, we were already hearing how KPM was blessing for our dear participants.

„I would really like to encourage the girls who are around me, about whom I know, that they have a feeling, that they are not good enough for anybody and that they are not loved by anyone. God broke my heart for my classmates, too. Instead of judging I would like to look at them through God´s eyes and love them.“

„God touched my heart. Directed me in my shepharding. Showed me what to give up.“

„Absolutely specifically God was teaching me, that He is Father. Before KPM I felt, that I was stagnate in my relationship with Jesus and now something has moved, I was able to confess old sins. It was very good and I believe, that I will be able to experience Father like this in everyday life.“

„Before I came to KPM, I did not even guess how many things are in my heart, which should not be there. The time was very precious to me, because God was speaking directly to me, healed my heart and showed me, who I am in His eyes. I know, I am His treasure and the wounds from my earthly father or whoever else will not change His relationship and love Father has for me.“