Fusion Upside Down

Banská Bystrica Fusion camp
09. Sep | Draho | News | Events | FUSION

Was eight days full of music, games, fun, friends and God’s upside down truth. This was a great camp with 30 Slovak students, 11 american friends and 13 leaders.

We learned 8 new songs for our final concert during our choir practice and workshops each day.  One of the student’s highlights of the camp is always Survival, which is an all day hike in the woods. Some of the best memories are when a group gets lost, is caught in a storm or finds themselves in the pitch dark woods with no light.  This provides so many opportunities for team building.

Many of our students responded to the gospel presentation.  For some of them it was the first time they heard that God is a personal loving Father who wants a relationship with us. We especially celebrate the decision for Jesus that our friend made. She has been a part of our Fusion for almost 3 years, but we had not seen any signs of her interest in spiritual things. God had been working in her and she was so ready to confess her sins and accept Jesus as her Saviour.