From good to better

Training weekend for teams 2014
01. Mar | PMx | Events | ŠPM

Everything started on Valentine’s day. Seventy people serving in 13 teams from all over Slovakia met in TCKompas for the training weekend named “ From good to better.”

Friday evening started with an adventurous activity in Zilina that brought us to realize that everyone in our teams is important. Nehemiah served as our example of how to be broken for our ministry and how to inspire others.

During this weekend we experienced a lot of initiatives, team-buildering activities, and a time to evaluate our ministry.

Here is some feedback:

“Thank you very much for wonderful time,  it was refreshing and encouraging.”
“Everything fit together. Peter’s talk was very useful and I liked dividing into circles.”
“I really enjoyed Zuzka Potocka’s activity. It showed teamwork and how it is without communication.”
“Be faithful in your ministry. Fruit is visible.”