ŠPM 2.0 - The purpose of making disciples

10. Mar | Denisa | Events | ŠPM

When you are going somewhere without having set a clear destination, only hardly will you know if you got where you had meant to or if you got completely lost.

If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want your disciples to achieve, it is easier for you to get off the trail. And that is what we’ve taught at our third School of Leaders weekend in BanskáBystrica.

We looked into 4 areas in which we would like to see our disciples grow.
1. Vine branch - Jesus says that to do anything we need to abide in a vine, He is the vine Himself. Where do you draw your strength? Where is your spring? Is it in Jesus of somewhere else?
2. Salt and Light - We are not living in this world just for ourselves. Our faith should be a testimony to people around us. We should be the light in the darkness. Do people around you know that you are a Christian? Can they notice it in your attitude, words and deeds?
3. Fishers for men - We are called to be making other disciples, to share hope and grace of Jesus Christ with those who are lost. Do you keep the good news (the gospel) for yourself or do you fight for other people to know Savior?
4. Shepherd - In the gospel of John in the 10th chapter, we read about the good Shepherd. Good Shepherd takes care of his sheep, knows them by name, lays down his life for them. The sheep know his voice and follow him. Do you take personal care of people from the junior high or youth group? Do you express interest? Are you willing to sacrifice your time and your comfort?

When I look at these four characteristics, am I a disciple like this? Do I make disciples that could be described as vine branches, salt and light, fishers for men and shepherds?