KPM 2019: Face to face

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Lord, it is good for us to be here! …thought around 670 youth leaders during the main sessions, seminars, conversations in the café, devotion time in the chapel and when they sang praise to God together. Continue...


KPM extra 25+

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My ministry has ended and I am now working full time. Time spent at youth group remains just nostalgic memories. Maybe I think I already have enough knowledge. I do not have a place to serve anymore. I am already full of information plus have no place to relax. Continue...


KPM 2017: Obedient and courageous step

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25 years ago. Persil ad ran on TV, Metallica wrote their song Nothing Else Matters, one person from our team got stuck in a chasm, our director Peter Hrubo got married, Evka got her first Barbie, Darinka fell in love for the first time, Michal learnt to how to walk and most of our interns were just a sparkle in the eyes of their parents. And right at that time in 1992, in the log cabins of High Tatras there was held the first Conference of Youth Workers. And in March 2017, we decided to celebrate this fact with steps instead of fireworks Continue...


Men on Target, Girls More Precious than Jewels and What is in Our Blood

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The Conference for Youth Leaders (KPM) is one of the Training Center Kompas projects, and its mission is to train, help and inspire youth leaders all over Slovakia. This year KPM has experienced a blossoming. For the first time in its 24 year history there was not only one conference, but three. Altogether the conferences reached more than 1000 attendants and our vision is still more daring. Continue...


In the upside - down Kingdom

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During the second to last weekend of March, the annual Conference for Youth leaders, called the Upside-down Kingdom, took place for the 22nd time. As usually, during the preparation time, we prayed about what laid on God’s heart and what we could learn together. As the time went by, we started to see the direction we were supposed to take… Continue...


And then… Christ shined on us!

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In 2013 we celebrated round anniversary and experienced almost army rescue training, important for the eternity. We were focused to our hands and mouths, to be always prepared to give an answer. Continue...


KPM 2014 is here!

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Last year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first KPM, and honestly we have been wondering…should we continue? Should we take a year break and catch our breath? Should we keep doing this ministry? Continue...