15. Jun | Daniel Skonc

A lot can happen in just 24 hours. You can manage to go on three dates, enjoy a romantic dinner, listen to three great talks about relationships, tour the beautiful town of Banská Štiavnica and meet with a mentor. In fact, in 24 hours you can fit an entire conference. This is how long KPM Couples lasted, which took place June 3-4, 2017.

The theme of KPM Couples was “Back to the Garden”. The main speakers, Dave and Connie Patty, talked about how specifically men and women were created in the garden of Eden, what it means to be “one flesh”, how we usually fail in our original roles, and what is the way back from distortion to His original design of marriage. In other words, how we can go back to the Garden in our relationships. The last morning the KPM Couples team spoke about “little foxes” (Song of Solomon 2:15)  and “streams”: what are the things that can spoil our relationships and what are the streams that refresh and restore our marriages.

There was a total of 57 couples in attendance, not only married couples but also some engaged couples and a few in the process of dating. We believe that these couples will be inspired to work even more on their relationship and build it according to God’s principles. We experienced great joy in this conference and we hope that our couples enjoyed it as well.

Here are some responses that we received from a few people that attended:

“I liked the opportunity to meet other couples. The main topics and challenges given to us were very specific and clear! Amazing. I enjoyed the space for processing with my partner several times during the main sessions. It was great to talk personally right away about the things we heard. We liked that you created space and time to go with my partner through everything we heard after each session, during our “dates”. The last main session with different couples talking about practical things was great!“

“I liked: 1. Quality main talks which taught deeply about God’s purpose for marriage and showed us how we can go back to the Garden. 2. The environment and little things like decorations and snacks. 3. Lots of free time for couples. 4. Location of the conference: Banská Štiavnica.”

“Great idea. I cherish and I am thankful for what you do and for the way you do it. You bring many blessings. There is a lot that I would like to appreciate, I will try to pick at least the things from the main talks (even though many things were beautiful; like the decorations and the main talks and all of the great ideas.) I enjoyed focusing on our origin - the garden - the fall - looking way back to who we are inside (what are our natural tendencies and how we can work with them) and how we can fulfil our roles, for example to lead the woman and show her that she is loved - we men need to learn about these things.) The last part was also amazing - little foxes and streams full of “how to” ideas. A great part was also when we went through the questionnaire about our expectations in our household. Besides that I appreciate the three dates which served as a catalyst for deeper discussions of the things we went through during the main talks. I also appreciate that we, men and women, could have cheap accomodations. “

“I liked the town, the main sessions with much variety, and God’s word! I liked that the main speakers used the Bible as a source and everything they talked about I immediately found in the Bible. I like it that I can find everything and go through it anytime later as well. I like how it all came together. Also, that plant you gave everyone at the end meant a lot to me. I liked that you cared about the details. I liked everything, I am amazed!“

“I liked that Dave Patty was here and that all the speakers shared about their own relationships and that they gave us specific advice on how we can be in a good marriage and that they gave us many wise words on how our relationships can be 10x better than we imagine.”