And then… Christ shined on us!

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In 2013 we celebrated round anniversary and experienced almost army rescue training, important for the eternity. We were focused to our hands and mouths, to be always prepared to give an answer.

It did not finished with last year’s twentieth anniversary. Few days ago we have had the 21st KPM (Youth Leaders Conference), where we had decided to make few steps of faith. For instance we passed on many things to the hands of the young people. We called them on stage to: lead games, perform skits, play worships, preach. We have got great joy from that and we are happy to have this new generation of the workers at KPM!

Next step of faith was to accept the uneasy challenge and mission Got has given us. We apprehended, He is pleased with us that we had focused on the training and empowering of our hands in the past. But also, He would like us to concentrate to our hearts more. To explore if it is on fire. Not just for the ministry, but for the Christ. And it was not, for sure, the easiest task. How to grasp our hearts? How can we guarantee its change and God’s touch? It cannot be done by any man, any conference.

Though we experienced it together or alone in April 3-6 in Žilina…He alone has shined for us, met with us, touched us, told the truth into our life and we are very grateful… that He used the program but also the separated time we had to be able to meet with Him on Saturday afternoon and also bunch of other things, moments as He usually does it. We could write more details about the program, and what has happened but instead we would like to add few feedbacks from the youth leaders, who went to Žilina and also photos and one video.

How was at the KPM 2014, enjoy:

For the question: If our desire was to let the Christ shine on us, did it happened during the KPM? When? How? our friends answered:

During the last preaching I have felt how the Lord is shining. The fact His Glory is over all. He has put great humility into my life and with it also great freedom that all glory belongs to Him not to me and with everything I am doing I long to praise Him once. When I have surrendered all my glory I was able to see His.

He has shined and he was shining during all KPM, because he has given me his grace to be there and that alone is something unbelievable and also He has given me grace to meet with new people and strengthen some relationships. He did shine, many time…

Mainly through people! I sensed in them Christ, who loves me, notice me, want to have fun with me, to share, to be happy and then also when dealing with problems from the moment the problem appeared in few minutes - He was working smile

God spoke. I had problem with my value with the knowledge of the truth who I really am. After Dawson’s seminar it did not disappear but God started to speak and I have spoken with many people about it and prayed for it. People prayed for me. When we had our time with God I wrote all those TRUTHS that I need to take from my head to heart. I am asking the Holy Spirit to help me with it now.

Yes, he has shined. He showed me for example we need to remember the things he has already promised to us and to stand on His word. Not to ask for new and new confirmations.

He did shine… powerfully. How concrete? He answered for my long year’s question.

Yes it happened in many ways. I have realized much more, I am His child. Always. In any circumstance. That He is not rejecting me, when I am sinning, because He loves me even when He hates the sin. That I can come to Him in repentance. Lately I had the feeling I am loosing Him, that He cannot love me anymore…

The most powerful moment when I felt – best seen – what kind of god our God is, He lives in the community of the trinity and he wants to have this community also with us. I have seen in that moment how awesome God’s glory is. He could really hold all the glory and everything for… and we are created to worship Him with everything not us. I wept in that moment, because I could see His incredible love for us. I cannot say there was one specific moment – but all KPM went from start to end with some direction. You have reminded me what is really important and meaningful. I am happy and thank you for your ministry… Praise the Lord for it!

The time when CHRIST SHINED the most for me was the time of silence – just me and my God – it was very freeing for me, because I have realized who I am. I have heard many times I am God’s daughter, but it was just an information for me that were not in my heart, but in that moment in went so deed into my heart… that I am no more the slave but His beloved daughter.

Yes he has shined. The relationship with Christ was more like pleasant duty. Or habit? I am not able to name it. Bu at KPM I felt in love with Him for real and I could felt the love in Him. I want to shine, I WANT to know Him and to be sharpen into God’s woman. Not from duty.

And few notes for us:

It was incredibly blessed time for me. I really needed it I am so grateful for all of youl.

Thank you that you are doing KPM over and over again and you are doing so good work (e.g. decorations) and you are doing it with all your heart and God is supporting it. Thank you that you are trying to go deeper (I was very happy about the project: “What is the nature of emerging generation in Slovakia.)

It was great that this year you gave more space to the young ones. I just want to say you to always see the meaning in your ministry and be able to resist the lies of the evil and stand firm leaning to God’s supporting wall and shine to us.

You are awesome. I draw so much and thank God for you. For your effort, time, ideas, passion, inspiration… every KPM is one big encouragement for me – it is joy to watch you and learn from you.

I wish you planty of God’s blessing, wisdom, persistence and strength for every day – let’s be faithful in things God is calling us to do!

What is important after all, I want to thank you that you are giving everything into the things you are doing and thank God for the fire which is inside of you. Be the blessing for the Slovakia.

I like what God is DOING through you, that He is shining and He is using you as His instruments playing the best sounds. I AM very thankful God for you and also for the fact I could be at KPM.


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