A healthy chaos

Fusion Bratislava
09. Sep | Draho | Events | FUSION

Music, fun, hard work, survival, concert, rehearsals, finding new talents, discussions, God, labyrinth, students, drama, volunteers, energy, dance, life change, questions, joy, friendship…

All these words can be used to explain a Fusion camp. And yet, it’s so hard to describe it.

What makes it so special?


Students who decide to come and try something new.

Volunteers who sacrifice their days off, money in order to serve God and others.

This has been our third camp. We had more young people (from our Fusion and youth group)

serving in different areas for the very first time – decorations, E(nvironment)-nights, MC, media and sound. One could tell it was more chaotic than usually but we call it a healthy chaos because it was camp for students made by students!

We are happy that Fusion is a place where young people can experience, learn and then take over grin